At The Dispensary – Fulton, we strive to bring the best medicine to our patients for the best price. Preferred pricing available for qualified patients. We also provide the best quality for your budget. Lab tested and quality assured for our accurate potency and contamination free guarantee with multiple methods of ingestion including the equipment necessary for combustion, vaporization, topicals, sublinguals, suppositories, and more.

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Drug Enforcement Administration Will Not Call for Reclassifying Marijuana

"The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said Thursday it will not call for reclassifying marijuana, dashing the hopes of advocates of legalization and rejecting calls from ...

Medical Marijuana Achieves ‘Complete Remission’ Of Crohn’s Disease in Some Patients

Crohn's disease, one of several inflammatory bowel diseases, achieved "complete remission" in nearly half the subjects of one study that were exposed to smoking medical ...

Gov. Rauner Signs Decriminalization Bill for State of Illinois

"Getting caught with small amounts of marijuana will result in citations akin to a traffic ticket instead of the possibility of jail time under legislation ...

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