At The Dispensary – Fulton, we strive to bring the best medicine to our patients for the best price.  We also provide the best quality for your budget.  Lab tested and quality assured for our accurate potency and contamination free guarantee with multiple methods of ingestion including the equipment necessary for combustion, vaporization, topicals, sublinguals, suppositories, and more.

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Low Dose THC May Restore Cognitive Function in Aging Patients

A collaborative study between Universities in Israel and Germany found the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to have a homeostatic effect on body mechanisms that determine aging.  ...

Cannabidiol (CBD) May Provide Additional Therapy Options for Schizophrenia

  A research study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry showed Cannabidiol (CBD) to have positive effects on patients suffering from Schizophrenia.  In a double ...

Cannabis May Help Mental Stamina in HIV Patients

A cannabis research study based out of Michigan State University (MSU) found the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis, specifically THC, help alleviate chronic inflammation in the ...

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