Curbside Pickup


The State of Illinois has extended the Curbside Pickup order through May 2021.  The Dispensary is opening the interior on May 3, 2021, however will still offer curbside pickup to patients upon request.  To best protect our patients and staff from COVID-19, The Dispensary will utilize the below Curbside Pickup procedures when serving patients for the immediate future.


  • Visit to place an online order through Leafly Pickup.
  • Patients are to restrict the number of persons in their vehicle to themselves and a caregiver or spouse.
  • Pull into the parking lot of The Dispensary Fulton and call us at 815-208-7701.  A staff member will come out to verify your patient information and status.
  • Please press both your state identification and medical card against the glass when being greeted by an employee. TDF staff will not come in contact with anyone besides handling the exchange of currency.
  • Only roll down your window far enough to communicate and pass money to an employee.
  • TDF staff will retrieve your order from the store and return with your medical products.  At that time, please open the trunk of your vehicle. All curbside orders will be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. If you do not have a trunk, we will place the order in your truck bed. Please wait for our staff to leave before exiting your vehicle to retrieve the product.
  • Patients will be limited to one online order per day. Please make sure your order is accurate and complete before submitting.
  • We ask that all patients take these guidelines seriously. With the increased number of COVID – 19 cases in our area, we are taking all precautions in order to stay open.
  • In rare occasions we can assist disabled patients further, such as patients that are blind, hearing impaired, or have no access to online resources.  For these patients, please give us a call to place a pre-order.  Orders will only be taken by phone and in person in special circumstances.

COVID-19 Additional Information