Who are the patients at The Dispensary?

At The Dispensary, our patients are the foundation of our service and the community. They are our neighbors, our friends, and those in need of assistance in some cases to cope with the debilitating conditions they endure and face daily. Compassion, understanding, and their comfort are our primary goals. At The Dispensary, we strive to assist however we may beyond the simple purchase of their required medication, and to further the harmonious balance between the communities and the patients we assist.

  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Physician Outreach
  • Community Vendors
  • Warm & Inviting Atmosphere
  • Wide Selection of Medications
  • Community Service

Helpful Links for New Patients

The links below provide a starting point for patients looking to join the medical cannabis pilot program.  Veterans do not need to submit the physician Certification Form and instead may submit 12 months of records from a VA Facility.  Please view our FAQ page for more information.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (IDPH)

Patient Application Instructions and Forms

Terminal Illness Patients

Physician Certification Form

Before You Visit!

At this time, The Dispensary cannot accept debit or credit cards. In order to purchase medical products from The Dispensary Fulton, you must be a registered patient with the Illinois Department of Public Health and hold a current Registry ID Card issued by the state. You must bring this Registry ID Card along with an additional picture ID each time you visit.

You must have a valid dispensary selection to purchase medical cannabis in Illinois.  You may change your medical cannabis dispensary by selecting another licensed dispensary.  There is no charge for this change.

To change your dispensary to The Dispensary Fulton:

Email with your request using this form: Dispensary Selection Form.

If you are unable to download, email, or fill out the above form, please visit our Dispensary Selection Page and we will submit the information on your behalf.

For patients that have just changed to The Dispensary Fulton and have waited the suggested 24 hours after hearing confirmation from IDPH, you may want to verify your patient status in our system before coming to visit. Visit our Patient Verification Status page or call us at (815) 208-7701 with your QP Number, and we can look you up in our system to make sure you are legally able to purchase medicine from our facility.  This only needs to be completed after changing or registering for the first time with The Dispensary Fulton.

Additional Information

New Patients please review our patient orientation package

We often hear many new patients are also looking for participating physicians.  To address these concerns, we have assembled a collection of participating physicians throughout the state.  We have no business interest or relationships with any of these groups and are merely providing these organizations to help patients upon request.  Use the Contact Us page and request more information about participating physicians throughout the state.

Please also feel free to visit our Medical info page for specific information regarding cannabis and it’s medicinal properties and specifics.

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