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The Dispensary Fulton Is Here To Stay!

Jan 3 - 2024

Attention all patients and caregivers:


There appear to be rumors circulating regarding the status of The Dispensary’s ongoing operation. Please rest assured, The Dispensary is not closing, nor has any intention of closing. We will continue to faithfully serve the medical patients of the area as we have since July of 2016. We look at 2020 and beyond with great optimism.


In fact, the city of Fulton just passed a zoning ordinance authorizing adult use sales within city limits. We look forward to applying for our license and increasing our contributions to the local community through increased tax revenues, infrastructure development, and local job opportunities.


The Dispensary Fulton intends to be around for many years to come as a faithful and contributing member of the community serving and always prioritizing the medical cannabis patients of the area with compassionate care. Please understand that not everything that is said or printed is true. We apologize for any stress or inconvenience these inaccurate rumors may have caused you or your loved ones.


In celebration of our planned long-term operation of The Dispensary in the city of Fulton, visit us this week (Monday, March 9th through Thursday, March 12th) for a patient appreciation sale. Use the secret passphrase below to get $10 off your purchase for every $100 spent.


Secret Passphrase – “The Dispensary Fulton is here to stay!


Feel free to share this post and stop by to visit us today. Medical Sales Only.