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Frequently Asked Questions

For New and Prospective Patients

Who are the patients at The Dispensary?

At The Dispensary, our patients are the foundation of our service and the community. They are our neighbors, our friends, and those in need of assistance in some cases to cope with the debilitating conditions they endure and face daily. Compassion, understanding, and their comfort are our primary goals. At The Dispensary, we strive to assist however we may beyond the simple purchase of their required medication, and to further the harmonious balance between the communities and the patients we assist.

Which Program is Right for Me?

Illinois currently has two ways to join the medical cannabis program.  As of January 2019, patients may now apply under the Medical Cannabis Pilot (now permanent) Program (MCPP) or the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP). MCPP patients must have one of the listed qualifying conditions and can apply with the State for a one, two, or three-year medical cannabis card.  The criteria for the application include doctor’s certification or VA medical records with a qualifying condition, a clear, color copy of State Driver’s License or State I.D., proof of residency, passport photo, and credit or debit payment to the State.  The fees associated with the application are $100 (one year), $200 (two year), or $250 (three year).  If the patient would like to register a caregiver, the associated costs are $25 per year of the patient card.  See Helpful Links for New MCPP Patients below for more information. OAPP patients must have a condition which opioids could be prescribed or a current prescription for opioids.  The fee for a 90-day card is $10.  To renew, the patient must re-visit their physician and re-apply to the program every 90-days.  See Helpful Links for New OAPP Patients below for more information.

Helpful Links for New MCPP Patients

The links below provide a starting point for patients looking to join the medical cannabis pilot program.  At this time, all patients should apply through the Online Patient Application Portal except for Terminal Illness Patients.  Veterans do not need to submit the Physician Certification Form and instead may submit 12 months of records from a VA Facility.  Patients are no longer required to undergo fingerprinting and a background check.  Please view our FAQ page and links below for more information. How To Sign Up – An informational step by step guide provided by the Illinois Medical Cannabis Community Online Patient Application Physician’s Certification Information – How To Sign Up a Patient Terminal Illness Patients Effective February 1, 2019, patients who apply for a Medical Cannabis Registry Card on-line will receive provisional access to a licensed dispensary of their choosing within 24 hours of completing the application process for 90-days or until they receive their physical card.  During this provisional period, the patient cannot change between dispensaries, however, after receipt of their physical card, the patient can switch to dispensaries of their choosing.  Qualifying patients who submit an application on-line before 6PM will be able to download their provisional registration card the following day after 8:30AM. We offer free-application assistance to all patients and recommend patients call their dispensary to make sure their provisional registration card is active before driving to their chosen dispensary. Qualifying patients who submit a paper application do NOT receive a provisional registry card and must wait for the receipt of their permanent registry card. Visit the Online Patient Application Portal and login with your created username and password to view and print your provisional registration.  Please note individual provisional access patients cannot change their dispensary selection until their application has been formally approved (within 90-days).  Select our dispensary (The Dispensary, LLC., 1801 16th Avenue, Fulton, Illinois, 61252, District 1) as your provisional dispensary and receive an automatic $10 discount on your first visit and purchase. If the above is overwhelming, prospective patients are also welcome to visit us in person at The Dispensary Fulton.  Please remember to bring your government issued ID, and our front desk staff can help answer questions and assist you with the application process.

Helpful Links for New OAPP Patients

The Illinois Department of Health launched the OAPP on January 31st, 2019.  Both Patients and Physicians may apply and register online using the OAPP Online Application Portal.
  1. The OAPP went live on January 31st of 2019.
  2. Prospective patients will need to see their physician. The physician will have to register with the state and submit the required paperwork using an electronic PIN on the OAPP Online Application Portal.  Patients do not need a Physician Certification Form for the Opioid program.  Use the Contact Us page to request a list of participating physicians within the state.  We have no relationship with any licensed physicians.
  3. OAPP patients will apply using the same OAPP Online Application Portal. They will need the following information to complete their application:
    1. Name, address, and general information
    2. Passport style photo
    3. State issued ID
    4. Proof of residency (bill or statement matching the address on your ID)
    5. Your physician’s information
    6. Your desired dispensary (please note, due to the state system, opioid patients will not be able to switch dispensaries and must stick with their original chosen provider. When reapplying, patients may switch at that time, which is every 90 days).  OAPP patients signing up with The Dispensary Fulton (The Dispensary, District 1, 1801 16th Ave, Fulton, IL) 1 will receive an automatic $10 discount on their first visit and purchase.
    7. $10 application fee paid to the State of Illinois via electronic payment
    8. A private email address to receive your patient ID via email
  4. After applying, the state will verify your information and match it to your physician’s submission. Within minutes, you will be emailed your patient ID and will be able to purchase from a licensed dispensary which is valid for 90 days assuming your physician has submitted their required information.
  5. Patients may purchase up to 2.5 ounces every 14 days, with concentrates and edibles subtracting from that limit according to state developed algorithms.
  6. No plastic or hard cards will be given for the OAPP, only paper cards delivered via email.
Additionally, The Dispensary Fulton in District 1 has a public access lobby area.  For those that are intimidated by the process or don’t have access to a computer and scanner, we are happy to assist.  Bring a state issued ID and your application materials, and our staff will help you apply, including scanning any documents, taking your picture for the passport photo, and assisting with your application submission. Please remember, your physician must submit his paperwork prior to your final approval.  We can help you start your application prior to your physician submitting his paperwork; however, you will not be able to complete the process until the physician has uploaded the necessary documents to the state application system and entered their registration PIN. Come in, sit down, ask questions about the program, and apply.  We are here to assist.

Deals for New Patients

New to The Dispensary Fulton? Brand new patients receive $40 in store credit if they spend $40 or more on their first visit! Refer a *new* patient to The Dispensary Fulton and receive a $40 store credit after the patient makes their first purchase. ** Must spend a minimum of $40 to redeem the additional $40 credit ** Traveling an hour and a half or further to come see us? Let us know and receive $10 off of your purchase! Mileage calculated from the address listed on your medical card. ** Minimum purchase of $25 required ** ** Valid on 1 purchase per day** See more deals on Leafly! Coupled with our everyday low prices and everyday specials (view our menu), we want to be the dispensary you choose to help relieve your everyday ailments.  Not only does The Dispensary Fulton offer the most affordable medicine in the state of Illinois, we also offer patient services including an online order system and private patient consultations.  Be sure to check out the ‘Before You Visit’ and ‘For Existing Patients’ tabs below for more information.

Participating Physicians

We often hear many new patients are also looking for participating physicians.  To address these concerns, we have assembled a list of participating physicians throughout the state.  We have no business interest or relationships with any of these groups and are merely providing these organizations to help patients upon request.  Use the Contact Us page and request more information about participating physicians throughout the state.

Before You Visit

Before You Visit

Anytime you visit The Dispensary Fulton, please remember the following:

  • You must be a current Illinois medical cannabis patient or caregiver with a Registry ID Card issued by the IL Department of Public Health
  • You must bring an additional form of picture identification (driver’s license, state ID, passport)
  • You must be registered with The Dispensary Fulton (more information below)
  • The Dispensary cannot accept debit or credit cards
  • Non-patients are welcome at the dispensary if they are accompanying a patient, caregiver, or inquiring about becoming a patient.  Non-patients must remain in the lobby area and must show valid picture identification before entry
To Select or Change Your Medical Cannabis Dispensary Please note, the change dispensary process has been updated.  Patients may now visit any medical dispensary without needing to change their registration.

For Existing Patients

Private Patient Consultations

The Dispensary prides itself on patient satisfaction and making your experiences with medical cannabis and your everyday ailments the best they can possibly be.  We understand the need for private conversations and consultations to discuss medical cannabis, specific ailments, treatment options, proper usage, and any other topics required by the patient.  With that, we’ve set up an option for patients and caregivers to schedule a private patient consultation. All patient consultations will be led by an employee-patient who can directly speak to the benefits of specific medical products and how they may work for you.  Consultations will take place in a private room directly adjacent to the sales floor with a large conference table and multimedia capabilities. To schedule a private consultation, please visit our patient consultation page for more information and fill in the requested information to get your appointment scheduled today.  Walk in consultations are accepted as available, but to best serve you, advanced scheduling is recommended.

Online Orders

The Dispensary Fulton now offers online ordering for patients that know what they want and are in a hurry. Visit our Online Order page below to submit your request and take advantage of our Fast Lane.  We’ll make sure to have your order packed and ready to go upon your arrival. With the Fast Lane, skip the queue by allowing us to pre-pack your order.  By preparing your medicine in advance, we can continue to offer the high quality, personalized experience you’re used to for new and inquiring patients, as well as provide a speedy service to the well seasoned and informed patient at an extra register reserved just for Online Orders.  For those that know what they want, and know they want to be in and out, we’re here to help make your life easier while still giving all patients the time and attention that they deserve to better their health and make well informed decisions about their treatment options.

 Additional Information

All new patients are required to undergo a patient orientation.  If you would like to review, or have lost your original copy, you can download a digital version of our patient orientation package.  

Please also feel free to visit our Medical info page for additional information regarding cannabis and its medicinal properties.

 HIPAA Protections

All medical patients are protected from the unauthorized disclosure of medical information, contact information, or patient status to any third party.  The Dispensary is bound by HIPAA under state law.  To learn more about The Dispensary’s HIPAA policies, click here and view our Medical FAQ.