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The Dispensary believes open dialogue between patients, cultivators, retailers, and physicians is paramount to obtaining the highest quality healing potential.  On this page, medical professionals can find resources which expand on the medical cannabis program in Illinois, as well as, medical uses for cannabis and their efficacy.

We often hear many new patients are also looking for participating physicians.  To address these concerns, we have assembled a collection of participating physicians throughout the state.  We have no business interest or relationships with any of these groups and are merely providing these organizations to help patients upon request.  To be added to our ongoing list of participating physicians, please Contact Us with your practice information, and we will add your practice to our Primary Care Physicians informational flyer which is handed out upon request.

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to visit The Medical Cannabis Institute which offers continuing education credits on dozens of topics regarding medical uses for cannabis in reference to specific ailments and its incorporation with the endocannabinoid system.  With medical cannabis presenting new treatment options to healthcare professionals, it is important to provide a quality educational resource for clinical care professionals.

Healthcare practitioners should also visit the FAQ/Forms and Medical Education sections of the website for more information about the Illinois Medical Program and cannabis as a treatment option.  A copy of the Physician Certification Form required for any new medical cannabis patients can be found at here.

Here at The Dispensary, we are always happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our operation or the program and medical uses in general.