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Please note, Patient Consultations are provided by The Dispensary Staff for existing patients with their medical card.  This is not a physician consultation.  For patients looking to join the medical cannabis program, please visit our Patients page for more information.

The Dispensary prides itself on patient satisfaction and making your experiences with medical cannabis and your everyday ailments the best they can possibly be.  Our sales floor has multiple windows, and we understand sometimes patients prefer a more private conversation without distractions to discuss their needs and medical cannabis in general.  A patient consultation will be led by a one of our employee-patients so they can directly speak to the benefits of certain medical products and how they may work for you.  Consultations will take place in a private room directly adjacent to the sales floor with a large conference table and multimedia capabilities.  Caregivers and multiple patients are welcome to join in on the same consultation if arriving as a group, but non-patients and non-caregivers unfortunately must remain in the lobby area.

Patients are encouraged to use the private consultation as many times as necessary, or even every time if it helps to better serve you.  Not only will the staff member heading up your consultation be able to discuss and go over any questions you may have; afterwards, you can go directly to the sales floor to make a medical purchase with that same staff member serving you.  We want you to be comfortable and confident with your medicine.  If you would feel more comfortable with a specific gender heading up your consultation, please include that in the additional information section.

To schedule a private consultation, please submit the requested information below along with anything additional that may help us assist you.

If there are any scheduling conflicts or other issues, we will get in touch according to your chosen contact method.

Walk in consultations are accepted as available, but to best serve you, advanced scheduling is recommended.

Schedule a Patient Consultation